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Sculpted by the freedom and truth of her parents, Roman and Margaret Alesch, Joann was delivered into the uninhibited depth and creativity of a world without the boundaries of conventionality and limitation. Her parents sensed early on that Joann had wisdom beyond her years. At age 14, when her parents died, Joann began the journey towards her own self-actualization and fulfillment of her personal destiny. With creativity in solving problems, natural artistry, and keen intelligence, Joann took her independence and freedom of self-expression to the next level.

At 18, she met her Teacher and future husband, Torkom Saraydarian. He said in a poem of their meeting that, "the light of bliss and ecstasy shone from her whole being." This meeting began a journey of 25 years of working closely together, teaching, lecturing and uncovering the mysteries of Ageless Wisdom. Together, Joann and Torkom immersed themselves in deep esoteric truths, studying and practicing the lifestyle of sacrifice and self-alignment. The Saraydarian Institute, formerly known as the Aquarian Educational Group, was founded by Torkom in 1961 as a means to disseminate his insight and wisdom, and bridge the chasm between esotericism and every day practical existence.

Joann's care and love for Torkom kept her by his side until his last breath. Before Torkom's passing in 1997, he appointed Joann to lead the Saraydarian Institute into the future, stating that it was not because she was his wife, but because she had the ability to advance the group to its next level. They discussed the plan and the future of the group, and knew that changes would occur, but those changes would be necessary. The arrow would be sharpened and the focus more one-pointed, under Joann's leadership. The group concentration on acquiring knowledge and study, would shift to eliminating ego and realizing Self-actualization through emanating LOVE.

Joann has been a force of change for thousands of people, indirectly and inconspicuously changing even globally-significant events. She has a gift of reaching the core of a soul within seconds of meeting, and seeing only the true essence of a person's beauty and potential.

She lives in the deep truths of the universe and sees that depth in every single interaction that she has with people. She believes that "Everything is deep; it's people that make things shallow," meaning everyone has the ability to live on a level of openness to wonders of the universe, but unfortunately, most people choose not to or do not know a higher level even exists. Joann lives every day with the Purpose of helping people see the infinite in the everyday, actualize the Divine in the mundane.

Joann immersed herself in communities around the world, wanting to feel the true pulse of humanity, in order to better understand the needs of the people. She moved to Houston in 2000 and continued the Work of the Institute by day, while taking to the streets at night to council people on creating meaningful relationships, and inspiring crowds with her zeal and passion for life. During those years in Houston, a direct impact on the music industry can be traced to some of the conversations and interactions that Joann had with powerful musicians. The shift in the wording of music toward Love and Light can clearly be seen.

As an artist, Joann uses the hammer of truth and the chisel of sensitivity to sculpt everyone she encounters into their truest self. With accuracy and discernment she chips away the hardened masks that trap people in a state of numbness and waking sleep. Most people live so true to the masks that protect them, that they believe those masks to be their actual personas. Most people think they are alive, and that their actions and reactions to situations are completely arbitrary, but Joann sees through these masks and shatters them with her truth. She has the ability to recognize the incongruity between peoples' false identities and their inner divinity. She chips away the hardened, deadening masks and frees the core of each person she helps.

Her contagious smile and disarming sense of humor, coupled with her deep knowledge of ancient philosophies and wisdom give her the gift of healing. Even without her knowing it, Joann makes each person understand that they are an invaluable element in the world. She looks into their spirit to unearth their truth. This humble humanitarian is liberating humanity one person at a time, from changing the paths of the downtrodden to enlightening high-profile leaders. Today, she is the arrowhead of Guided Thought, Conscious Action, and Group Cooperation of the Saraydarian Institute, leading the energy of Love through the Heart of humanity.