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The Saraydarian Institute

The Saraydarian Institute, founded in 1961, recognizes and honors the efforts and actions being made by all enlightened men and women throughout the world, from various backgrounds and experience, who have one common desire: to bring cooperation and peace to this troubled planet. S.I. was a global axis of educational and spiritual discipleship training, under the leadership and Teaching of Torkom Saraydarian.

Before his passing in 1997, he appointed Joann Saraydarian, his wife, to succeed him as the Teacher and President of the Institute. Joann continues to deliver lectures and seminars, while shifting the focus of S.I. more toward Self-actualization and Action, rather than the absorption of knowledge. Breaking people free of their subconscious drives, in order to awaken them as Conscious Servers of humanity, has been the banner that Joann carries into the next era of human striving.

When a person's conscious experience and knowledge selflessly joins with others, they become an important gear in a great and complex instrument that is powerful and synchronistic enough to bring about world change. Through group cooperation, people are capable of leading humanity through an initiation of consciousness, thus preventing further negative impact upon our planet from the effects of separatism, self-interest, and darkness. Earth is destined to shift from being the planet of suffering, to taking its Sacred Place in the Cosmos.

Joann and the 33 core members S.I. (along with thousands of Coworkers) are fulfilling the Purpose of group cooperation and continuous united thought toward healing the planet. There is a cosmic lotus spinning in the ethers that is the result of their striving, attainment, and unity. The 33, with the majority being members for 30-40 years, live across the United States and internationally. The members meet regularly in the cyber world, as well as physically in various locations throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

The 33 members are leaders and innovators in their specific disciplines, branching into each of the fields of human endeavor, dedicated to using their level of conscious understanding to ripple out change into their own circles, spreading infinitely. Through practical application of the Ageless Wisdom, group cooperation, and the underlying principles of Oneness and LOVE, the Saraydarian Institute continues to be an arrow flying upward, leading humanity from darkness to Light.

Saraydarian Institute Logo.